Advertising Materials

Printed Advertising Materials

Booklets, business cards, leaflets, posters, greeting cards, invitations, flyers, wobblers – individual work is a precondition for successful results when preparing printed materials. It is a service which ensures convenience and certainty for the client about the competiveness and uniqueness of the final product. To avoid confusion among the wide range of offers, a professional consultation will be just what you need, helping you to decide from among folio printing, UV lacquer, silk screening, offset printing and other qualities!


Multimedia Products

One of the best ways of highlighting the prime qualities of your product, service, company or concept is to create an original presentation. It might also be a CD record or a reusable presentation sample or the so-called template. In order to generate added value for such seemingly simple products, the skills and ideas of Bumbierkoks designers will help! This is an opportunity to create a solution which excites and inspires – with video, web links, animation or other interesting details.


“Sidrabe” brošūra, mape, produktu mape

A/S „Sidrabe” ar „Bumbierkoks” veidoajiem reklāmas materiāliem piedalās starptautiskajās izstādēs. Materiāli tiek augstu novērtēti gan no pasūtītāju, gan klienta puses.

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