Environmental Advertising

Outdoor Advertising

Bumbierkoks can proclaim proudly – our designers have the required skills to deliver uniqueness, ample experience and original ideas. Outdoor advertising starts from design and layout and ends with the final product which might be a bus advert, posters at transport stops, adverting pillars and other information carriers. But a special know-how which the Bumbierkoks team have developed is the creation of non-traditional, original ads or outdoor objects.


Indoor Advertising

If you wish to dress a shop window, get a poster, exhibition stand, Vinyl plotted sticker, a unique photo-printed wallpaper, we at Bumbierkoks will not only deliver an individual design but will also help you to choose the most appropriate material which will exhibit the qualities of the product. It could be light-weight foamboard, comatex material, textile, cardboard, paper or any other product. You may well feel lost among the wide range of materials on offer. But we are here to help!

Spice Home kafejnīcas Home Lounge reklāma – lielas grāmatas Spicē

Ļoti interesants un radošs projekts. T/c "Spice" izvietotas lielas grāmatas, kā vides reklāmas objekti, kuras reklamē kafejnīcu "Home Longe", kura atrodas t/c "Spice Home". "Home Lounge" ir klusa un mājīga kafejnīca, kur var apskatīt daudz dizaina grāmatas un smelties idejas mājokļa iekārtošanai. Grāmatas pilnībā ir mūsu roku darbs.

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