Logo Creation

Creation of a separate logo 

The “face” or logo of a new company is generated from ideas, sketches and company values. It can be shaped, formed, painted and individualised. In the course of developing a new logo, the client can decide on what they want and can afford – it can be the development of a separate logo or a wider stylebook. While a separate logo is the core of a company, a stylebook defines and highlights all the “facial” details of a company.


Logo Creation and Stylebook

Stylebook not only means the creation of a new logo, it also contains wider rules on using the logo, for example, for corporate business cards, letterheads, seals, envelopes, business documents, even for mugs, T-shirts, umbrellas and contract annexes. Bumbierkoks Design Studio proposes the creation of a logo from an idea, by developing sketches and graphic design, so as to find a solution which provides new value for the image in accordance with the values and identity of the company.


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