Packing Design

A product design, as an element of the visual image of your company, should give an exact idea of what the product is like, of its qualities, and it should set the product off among competing goods. Bumbierkoks has the advantage of having worked for many years at different packing designs. So we have learned to grasp the client’s idea quickly and to transform it into a tangible result. With a view of production particulars, we have created original designs for boxes, tubes, labels, cans and packing paper. At Bumbierkoks, we are also pretty sure that the best final result will emerge from working together with the client in selecting the most appropriate material, form and artistic value for the packing.

"Marlie" Šķiedrvielu iepakojumu dizains

Izstrādājām jaunu iepakojumu produktu līnijai – "Marlie" Šķiedrvielas.

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