Web Design

At Bumbierkoks Design Studio we offer individual web design. As we do not use any templates to create a webpage, each project is a unique combination of design and technical solutions. It will be adapted to the company’s style and values and developed step by step to a complete webpage.


The creation of a webpage together with Bumbierkoks includes:


In the creation of a webpage, we will not only use the most appropriate technical parameters and design “flavour”, but will also ensure a friendly arrangement. It also implies the freedom to select the host of the webpage.


By using the content management system CMS, every client will have the opportunity to supplement and update the webpage content. You will be able to easily supplement the completed webpage with various additional minor programs or new style features, for example, a blog or a forum, to integrate social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).


In developing the webpage, convenient administration systems i18n and l10n will be used which support selection of several languages. They will preserve the design developed for the main language and provide for replacement of international details, such as time and date, currency formats, units, etc.


When creating a webpage, codes and parameters will be included which will make it friendly for Google searches. The surveying tool, Google Analytics, will also be included. It will allow to obtain data showing how users have found the new webpage, how they looked at it, how long they stayed, etc. 


HTML letters and banners

Let small ideas become the privilege of the web design! As part of advertisements, campaigns or a separate project, we can create both animated flash banners as well as GIF files.


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